Bio: I am happily married to my sweetheart and Mom to 2 boys. I am passionate about food and like to make gourmet meals on a budget. I will fervently coupon and shop for deals on things like toilet paper so I can splurge my extra pennies on special Belgian Chocolate or fancy Curries from Penzey's. I still go to the park and hang upside down on the monkey bars. I secretly covet glitter stickers and I have a hoard stashed away in my nightstand. Plain Cake Donuts are my favorite. My New Year's resolution this year was to doing everything in my power to cut down the stress in my life. In working this out-I've found that clutter DOES bother me. Who knew? This year I appreciate Good Friends. I like to read ingredients on the back of the labels of things I buy and have them make sense to me. In my school days, I was known to hold the record for fastest, left-handed shoe tie champion. One of my favorite quotes: If your life's not chaotic, you're not going fast enough-Mario Andretti

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